Company Info

Accupoint Systems, Inc. is a private Filipino corporation, aims to be the leading company that answers the needs of automating and downsizing companies. The corporation is managed by people whose experience in sales, marketing and finance.

ASI, is concerned with providing ideas, products and services to companies and individuals who want an edge in business and competition. We are committed to continusly source and produce new products that are of good quality at competitive prices.

We believe in delivering the highest quality products and services to the market, a rule we've lived since anyone can remember. In the end, it's the customers who judge our credibility.


We are committed to provide the quality product and services to the filipino people that will enhance their work, skills in their everyday life by offering cost competitive products and reliable service.


We envision Accupoint Systems, Inc. at the forefront of marketing Filipino brands, that are globally competitive in cost, design and quality. We are committed to be part of nation building, affecting lives of the filipino people, paving the way to be a global company.